Monday, March 28, 2011

Maps and generators
Awesome map generator and a MUST-use for every RPG/dungeon crawler .

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Uncharted : Drake's Fortune

Right after i got my PS3, it came wiht Uncharted 2 bundle so i couldn't help myself and started playing it. It was a decent game, awesome gameplay, Holywood-y storyline and all-in-all great fun. Recently i got a copy of Uncharted : Drake's fortune, the original in the series, so i decided to give it a spin.

The similarities with it's successor are more than obvious (which is kinda logical, since it shares the same base characters and stereotypes). The game mechanics is the same or very similar, so the fuck-yeah factor while taking out enemies is always present, furthermore i noticed that the enemies are sort of smarter than the sequel. they take cover immediately and shoot only when covered by another enemy fire, which is kinda challenging. But it still conforms to my theory (Hard is the new easy) for the modern games.

The graphics is more or less (okay , less) acceptable for today's standards, the camera does it's work and is really blending with the action segment you're performing.
The characters are all there. The sarcastic comments of Nate and his sidekick Elena are an action game cliche, but Sully's one liners really light up the show.

Not much to say here, just if you're one of those who got right on Uncharted 2 you'll enjoy this one too.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Games and movies, movies and games

I generally disapprove of the whole make-a-movie-and-a-game trend that's been going on this last several years, but i have an itch that needs scratching.

Samurai 7 is an anime from 2004 , and it's a variation of the plot from the movie from Kurosawa with the same name. Basically 7 guys get together to defend a village , and beat the shit out of giant mechas in the process.
Think about it :
- Samurai AND Giant Robots. That's a huge fan-base out there , with an enormous potential for awesomness.
- 7 Different characters. Whether it's a RPG stat-based character system , or a beat-them-up mechanics , there is a vast potential in stereotyping the characters, each with his own fighting style , strengths and weaknesses, or w/e.
- The setting and enviroment are a combination from japanese feudal age and modern technocracy setting . That's a huge space for experimenting right there.

Anyway , just an idea . You have one?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Finally , an awesome mecha game!

Hawken , by Adhesive games.

What an awesome trailer , especially the moment where the sniper sits on top of a building and you can hardly distinguish him from the surroundings . The futuristic city in decay is marvelous , the combat is fun to watch . Too bad it's gonna be a First person shooter (I've made a resolution not to play FPS's on a console system , mostly because my experience with Bioshock and Borderlands).
But i might get it for PC , it has been aching for a good shooter.

Adhesive games , you go get'em.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Choose carefully

I can honestly say i'm proud of my choice of character. :)
Oh , and happy International Women's Day ;)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What do you mean , you're playing a game ?

Ever wonder yourself the same question? Here's a comperhensive illustrated guide to gaming phases and a brief interaction advice. Although , i'm against interaction while gaming .

1. Chilled Gamer

While in this phase, the gamer is relaxed and not too immersed in the gameplay and is most susceptable to communication with the enviroment. His non-game mental processes are still running but with limited effectiveness. While in this phase :

- Open to every questioning method.
- Not more than 2 consecutive questions are advised.
- Avoid questions with more than 2 four-syllable words.
- There's a significant chance (if you ask the right question/get naked) that he'll pause the game and stop the gaming process.

Common response : "After i finish this level/boss/checkpoint i'll *do-stuff*"

2. Focused Gamer

In this phase , the gamer is in the process of resolving a difficult problem , and you need to be extra careful while addressing him. His mind is focused on the game and there is slim (or not at all) chance to get an answer. While in this phase:

- Yes/No questioning is advised.
- Not more than 1 consecutive question.
- Avoid using more than 2-syllable words.
- There's a significant chance that if you ask the wrong question ( or repeat the same one multiple times ) that the gamer will enter the next phase.
- If you get naked AND bring a friend MAYBE he'll stop gaming. Depends on the friend :)

Common response : "Later , Honey" , "I can't right now"

3. Gamer's Fury

Congratulations , you've had contact with the Angry Gamer phase. at this phase the gamer is a hazard to the environment and the people around him, and no communication of any kind is advised.

No questions or touching of any kind. Just leave the room .. in a calm manner. The quickest way for a gamer to enter this phase is
- power shortage , while not saved progress
- unintented (or intented ) deletion of saved games.

Common response : "Fucking fuck", "Fuckin' piece of shit" , and all the varations of using "fuck" and "shit".