Sunday, November 11, 2012

Torchlight 2

I never REALLY liked diablo. I mean yeah, the first one was kinda interesting but since then things never really made significant progress. The mechanics was copied over the years in dozens of games, each one not being able to hook me on for more than coupe of days. I remember spending hours and days on to the games that had some sort of co-op, since the monotonous hack and slashing is more fun if you have someone with you.

So, looking forward to the co-op i recently got Torchlight 2.
The game itself is basically the original introducing co-op features. Yeah, ofcourse the graphics is polished and there is a lot of new content (monsters, levels and sceneries, tons of weapons, etc etc ..) but the core mechanic is the same - clean up the monsters, complete quests, kill bosses. It's definitely me, but it was boring when I was solo-ing. I've loved RPG's since I started gaming so the repetitiveness (of the mechanic) becomes quite a killjoy.

But as all tiresome tasks become fun, or at least bearable when you have a friend with whom you're doing them with, Torchlight 2 is no exception. Fact is, the co-op is not new in hack-and-slash RPGs but the social aspect delivers. Another thing that is a big plus, is it's difficulty. This was no click-your-way-to-the-end kinda game. There are some serious difficulty spikes that require adjusting your strategy (I've played on the highest difficulty - Elite). Especially if you're playing co-op.
It's a fun co-op game.